The Eucharist is a very important Sacrament for Catholics.
The Eucharist is celebrated at every Mass and can be received once a Catholic has taken their First Holy Communion, when they will receive the Eucharist for the first time. Whilst every Mass reminds Catholics of the Last Supper Jesus shared with His disciples, the Eucharist itself is a symbol of the sacrifice that Jesus made through dying on the Cross and rising again.

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On First Holy Communion day, the children of the parish, receive the Body of Christ,and the challenge for not only the children, but for all of us, is to go out and be the Body of Christ in the world, in our parish, in the neighbourhood we live, in the family we belong to. We are called to be Christ’s presence in our everyday lives and to bring Christ to everyone we meet, even those we find difficult. When we do this, we begin to understand the wonderful gift we receive on First Holy Communion day, and every day after, that we receive Jesus in Holy Communion. It should not be seen as a habit, a chore, a requirement, but as the greatest gift we receive. When we prepare well and learn more about Jesus, we begin to see just how important the Eucharist is in our lives.

First Holy Communion year provides families with a great opportunity to learn more about their faith and to become closer to the Holy Family, who are always our inspiration and guide.

 As a parish, we always look forward to First Holy Communion, but what we look forward to even more is seeing the fruits of the great gift that the children have received. It is the days, weeks and years after First Holy Communion that we must encourage one another to remain strong in the faith and to come regularly to Mass to receive this most precious gift so that we can be as God wants us to be. He gave us His only Son as food for our journey. It is Christ who invites us to share in this feast at Mass.

Each week we come to share our common story, we come to listen to God’s Word, to be transformed, along with the gifts of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. We come to break the bread and share the gift of God’s great love; His total self giving, We go to be bread for each other, to be Christ for each other so that we can love and serve the Lord, announce the Gospel of the Lord and glorify the Lord by the lives we live.


Taken from The Faith Of The Catholic Church a CTS Publication

163. What is the Eucharist?

The Eucharist is the Sacrament of Christ’s Body and Blood instituted at the Last Supper. It perpetuates the sacrifice of the cross for all time. It completes the process of Christian initiation begun by Baptism and developed and developed by Confirmation by enabling the Christian to share in Christ’s own sacrifice and life. It is the life giving food for the Christian’s journey.

164. Is the Eucharist called by any other names?

The unfathomable richness of this Sacrament is indicated by the variety of names given to it, among which are: The Eucharist, the Lord’s Supper, the Breaking of Bread, the Eucharistic Assembly, the Holy Sacrifice, the Holy and Divine Liturgy, Holy Communion, Holy Mass.